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  • We have a Request a call back feature here on our site so you can leave your name and number and we will contact you and arrange a time that best suits you for one of our engineers to come out and visit. We normally ask for a 1 hour window for our engineer to arrive on the day of your assessment.
  • Alternatively, you can phone the office on 01216951199 to talk to someone if you wish to conduct an assessment over the phone using Instant Street View as a guide. This can be good for those who would like a quick quote.

Please note, all of our Assessments are completely free of charge and there is no obligation to go with ourselves although we really want you to. We do however promise to provide an honest, comprehensive quotation so that you can compare the best solution for you.


On the day of the assessment the Assessor will arrive and will show you some form of Identification, normally an ID card.

  • We discuss your requirements and your needs for having surveillance – every scenario, site and reason to have cctv security can vary. We will recommend where to locate the cameras in order to gain the best coverage and we can take pictures if given consent. We typically conduct a walk through identifying with you any vulnerable spots that you may want to keep your eyes on. We can identify how may cameras you need and what style of camera suits your premises – you may not need as many cameras as you may think.
  • We will identify the best location to secure your Recording Unit – we may even look to install the main recorder in the loft space if this is for your home as usually this is the securest location – we wouldn’t want that to be taken if you suffer an unfortunate burglary. Don’t worry, we can ensure that all the viewing and controls can be done downstairs on your main TV for your convenience – after all, we don’t expect you to keep going into the loft every time you want to play some footage back. In fact, once the system is set up, you will never really have to ever access the main recording unit again. You can view from either directly from your mobile handset, from your main TV, from a laptop or from a separate monitor screen that we can install anywhere in the house.

Some of the other things we look at are;

  • Where your router is as this is important if you want to have access to your system remotely.
  • Recommend how best to wire the system and to hide the cabling where possible
  • We will provide a comprehensive Quotation so you can see item by item why we are superior to our competitors.


  • If you are happy with the Quotation then the next step is to call (or email) to book a day to install your system. We try our utmost to accommodate a day that is suitable for you and normally can book your install within 72 Hours from when you confirm and give the go ahead
  • . We typically work between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday- Friday however we will try to accommodate for any other special times that you require ie weekends
  • We request a 50% deposit which means that your booking is confirmed. This deposit payment goes towards the purchasing of some of your system. We will only collect the remaining 50% once the system is installed and you are satisfied.

Our engineer will have an ID badge when they arrive. The Engineer is fully trained with many years of experience. They are very helpful and friendly, and it is not uncommon for us to accommodate for changes that you wish on the day. All of our installations are done to BS 7671 standards for your peace of mind.

We are very particular on our neatness and we aim to hide any wiring where possible. Depending on the number of cameras you have depends on the length of time it takes to complete. For an average CCTV system for the home (4 camera system) normally takes 6-8 hours.

Once the engineer has completed the install, he/she will train you on how to use the system. You will be given a sign-off sheet to say that you are happy with the overall service and a feedback form that you can send to an independent review. We also provide you with a 2 Year Warranty Promise so that if you have any issues with any equipment that we have provided, we will either fix or replace completely free of charge.

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