• In these packages you will benefit from Full HD 1080P footage across your home or business.

  • We will install a recorder box in your home connected up to as many cameras as you choose.

  • The below packages are great for those looking for decent evidence capturing clear footage at a great price.


  • All our products have a minimum of 2 Years Warranty with a 12 months Workmanship Guarantee.  

Below is what you should expect to receive and have fitted into your premises by our helpful experts.

ds-2ce78u8t-it3 CAMERA 2 KIT.png

Minimum of 2 x 1080P Full HD Cameras

Phone App.png

Mobile Phone Access


Upto 4K Recorder with 14-28 days recording


Includes full Installation

  • We will fully install your Home CCTV system.

  • We will train you on the system

  • We provide a receipt of work of your Home CCTV System

  • 1 Year Workmanship Guarantee included

  • 2 Years Manufacturers Warranty