6 Camera CCTV System

5MP Full Colour + Audio

From £1399


In this kit we will install an 4 channel Recorder box securely in a safe place. We will wire 6 x 5MP Full Colour 24 hours + Audio CCTV cameras at you property. We aim to conceal the wiring wherever possible and all work is done to SSAIB Kite Mark standard. 

We will supply the equipment below in our 6 Camera HD CCTV System 

6x 5MP Full Colour at Night + Audio Cameras

This camera has a very high resolution and allows for full colour at night compared to the standard black and white image you normally get with standard cameras. . It has a capacity to reach up to 40m Night Vision and can record sound too so you can see and hear live footage in real time. 

8MP 4K Definition Digital Video Recorder

4 Channel recorder with the ability to record at Ultra High Definition Resolution as well as support audio and record in full colour.

1TB WD Purple Hard Drive.jpeg
1TB CCTV-dedicated Hard Drive

We only use Hard drives that are dedicated and manufactured solely for CCTV use. 

Mobile Phone Access

Watch from anywhere in the world from your mobile devices including phones, laptops and tablets

Installation & Certificate

✓ We will fully install your Home CCTV system.

✓ We will train you on the system

✓ We provide a certificate of your Home CCTV System

✓ 1 Year Workmanship Guarantee included

✓ 2 Years Manufacturers warranty