Within our home solutions range, we offer a number of control panels and devices to suit any installation.


Whether the house has just been decorated and needs an unobtrusive wireless installation, or it is going through first fix and can have a hybrid system installed easily, it is simple and easy to add our systems to your property and start to give you the peace of mind you need.


Our scalable solutions mean that we can be confident that we have the solution for you. Our wide range of detectors and sensors have been designed with multiple applications in mind. So whether you have a pet, a long corridor, or doors and windows to secure; our systems can cater for it.

We also offer a number of life safety devices which can be added to your security system. These include carbon monoxide sensors, smoke sensors, and water leak sensors.

Should you also have the requirement for a hold-up or panic button, then we also supply this to protect you and your family.

Our wide range of external sirens also offer an instant visual deterrent to an potential intruder. Research suggests that intruders typically target properties which don’t have external signs of intrusion systems, so this can be the perfect way to ward off potential intruders.


Not only that, but all this can be connected and accessed from anywhere in the world using the ProControl+ App, a simple and convenient way to access your property and check the system status from anywhere in the world.

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Home Alarm

Protecting your family and home is your highest priority and that’s why we take Your home security solutions seriously.

Our range of EN Grade 2 wireless systems provide superior security with integral features that allow you to control your home from anywhere in the world using the ProControl+ app.

Business Alarm

Our EN50131 Grade 3 compliant detectors offer the pinnacle of security and protection, with patented technologies which protect the integrity and security of your system, even when not armed.

Anti-masking functions ensure that your property is secure, and cannot be tampered with to aid a break in.

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We also offer a free no-obligation assessment of your property upon request.



·         Arming (set and unset) of the system through intuitive user interface

·         Live monitoring with HD cameras

·         Remote monitoring from anywhere in the world

·         Customisable push notifications

·         Connects through the PyronixCloud

·         PyronixCloud is a yearly subscription service*

·         Highly secure encryption

·         Multi-system and multi-site

·         Available for both iOS and Android


One app to control all

ProControl+ is the ultimate smart device application for providing users with total control over their properties. ProControl+ can be used for standalone security or video systems, as well as fully integrated solutions; utilising the Enforcer or EURO 46 control panels, with the entire range of Pyronix Full-HD Wi-Fi cameras as well as any Hikvision video device.

Voice notifications

If there is any activity on the system, the user will be alerted with a voice push notification; gets the users attention in case of an alarm and allows them to take the appropriate action.

Push notifications

Users can receive push notifications on their smart device to inform them know of any activity on the system. In the event of an alarm activation it will also provide sensor details.

Control outputs

Third-party automation devices can be wired to an output of the control panel and triggered with ProControl+ to operate gates or lighting, for example.

Multi-site and multi-system

With ProControl+, multiple systems can be added, controlled and monitored from the same application.

Control from anywhere

No matter where the user is they can use ProControl+ to control and monitor their security, video or both, at any time.

Alarm verification

Easily switch between the control panel and cameras for quick video verification of events.

Split-screen viewing

With a single touch, the live screen view can be changed from observing 1 camera stream to 4, 9, 12 or 16 simultaneously.

Live and recorded

Users have the ability to watch live video, record on an SD-card (not included) or NVR, take screenshots, as well as listen in or speak using microphone-enabled cameras.

Android & Apple compatible

The ProControl+ App is available in two versions: on Android™ from the Google Play Store, and on iOS™ from the Apple App store.

*Please Note: The PyronixCloud platform is a yearly subscription service and charges do apply. For more information please contact your installer or your dedicated account manager.