Hilook 5MP
ColourVU w/ audio package

Starting from £449

Main Features:
High quality imaging with 3K, 5MP Ultra HD Resolution

40 m white light distance for bright night imaging

Built in Audio

Water and dust resistant (IP66)

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We aim to conceal the wiring wherever possible and all work is done to SSAIB Kite Mark standard.



Package contents

1x 5MP 3K Camera System
All our CCTV cameras include
mobile phone access and are IP67
rated, meaning they can withstand
heavy rain as well 3K 5MP Ultra HD
Powered by ColorVu technology allowing for detailed colour images in total darkness suitable for night time surveillance. See up to 40m with an integrated white light illumination.

Ultra HD 5MP Digital Video Recorder
DVR to handle all your video
recording, processing and storage.
The ability to record at Ultra High
Definition Resolution including 4 Channels.

1TB CCTV - Dedicated Hard Drive
Dedicated hard drive, designed to
withstand constant usage
without failure and dedicated solely
for CCTV use.

Product Warranty

1 Year Workmanship Guarantee included.

2 Years Manufacturers warranty.

CCTV System Certificate.


Installing DVR in a secure place.

Fitting, wiring and connecting cameras to DVR.

Concealing wiring wherever possible.

Testing & training you on the system.

All work done to SSAIB Kite Mark standard.