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Oversee your property from anywhere in the world

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Deter burglary, aid prosecution for anti-social behaviour, record activity for later review.
All our CCTV packages allow for remote footage access from your devices and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Feature CCTV Packages

Starting from £449
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Hilook ColourVU
Best all-around CCTV Package

40 Metres LED Light
Warm supplemental LED with adjustable exposure time and light sensitivity.

Audio Recording
Unique audio processing technology that
best restores audio whilst eliminating

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Hikvision ColourVU
Our Highest Fidelity CCTV Package

4K Footage
4K technology maintains quality and colour vibrancy from a wide variety of viewing angles meaning that picture will always remain the same.

Smart Colour Technology
Higher performance sensor able to produce quality colour imagery with rich details

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Starting from £449
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How long does it take to install?


It is hard to say exactly how long it will take as every job is different however a 4 camera
job in normally completed in 1 day.

Can I view the CCTV footage from my phone?


Yes you can, you can have it on as many phones as you wish and as long as you are
connected to the internet then you can view from anywhere in the world.

What happens if my system stops working?


If the system stops working we will attempt to troubleshoot it over the phone. If this doesn't work then
we will arrange for a professional visit - If the system is faulty, we will always replace it based
on the customers warranty period.

Will there be damage to my house?


No, there will not be any damage to your property at all. We promise to Install all of our
systems neatly and safely as is expected of a SSAIB Registered Company.

How many cameras would I need?


It depends on the property but a 2-4 camera system is recommended for
the standard house. It also depends on what you want to cover or if you want to capture a certain angle.

For any questions please contact the office, we are always happy to help:


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