4 Badly Behaved Animals Caught on CCTV

Animals caught on CCTV have become a regular feature on our CCTV Focus Instagram page.

This week we thought we would change things up a bit and take a look at some of the best to worst animal mishaps caught on CCTV. Some of our furry friends were so outrageous they even made the headlines.

The Sneaky Fox

First up, we have this sneaky fox, who was caught on CCTV stealing slippers from a couple who live on the outskirts of Washington DC.

Sajan Mohammed said: "My wife was complaining about a missing sandal from the rear of the house.

"I dismissed the issue and asked her to search for it. The next day she lost her sandals from the front door.

"That is when we realized that this was something else. So I started looking at our security camera."

Mr Mohammed checked his home security system and found a sly fox stealing the sandals at 3.20 am.

The CCTV footage shows the fox pinching one shoe from the porch and returning two minutes later to collect the second sandal to complete his pair.

(Image Source: Daily Mail. The image shows CCTV footage of a fox standing by a rug on a porch.)

The Wandering Wallaby

In Wales, a CCTV camera caught a wallaby casually hopping across the road in a residential area in the middle of the night. The CCTV shows the wallaby jumping across Woodlands Park Drive in Cadoxton, Neath at 12:35 am.

Duncan Lewis, a retired professor, checked his CCTV camera after being startled in the early hours of the morning by the sound of the door slamming outside his house and saw a Police van driving off.

The CCTV footage shows a police officer wearing a high visibility jacket and holding a torch in pursuit of the wallaby.

Since the incident, South Wales Police confirmed that the officers did catch the wallaby and returned the mischievous marsupial to its rightful owner.

(Image source: Duncan Lewis. The image shows a CCTV screenshot of a wallaby jumping across a residential street in Wales in the middle of the night.)

The Russian Whales

The Primorsky Oceanarium in Russia has found itself in hot water after CCTV footage of a trainer beating two Beluga whales has emerged.

The CCTV footage shows Dmitry Bachinsky, trainer, 32, hitting one whale and then kicking the other when the mammals failed to kiss him during a stunt.

Freedom for Killer Whales and Belugas said: 'On the left is a 12-year-old beluga whale called Nil and Bachinsky punches him,' the group alleged.

'On the right is a 13-year-old male beluga whale called Lear. Bachinsky kicks Lear.'

The statement continued: 'Sources claim that Bachinsky practises such methods regularly.'

A source at Primorsky Oceanarium in Vladivostok spoke to PrimaMedia and said captive whales might show aggression towards each other during the mating period. It was claimed that the trainer was trying to grab the attention of the whales.

The Oceanarium has denied that the whales suffered any injuries, but this is not the first time they have come under the firing line.

In 2017, the aquarium reported the death of a beluga whale who got entangled in nets. And in another incident, a trainer was laid-off for beating a walrus.

In addition, three white-barrel dolphins, a sea lion, two walruses and a beluga whale died during their stay at the aquarium.

(Image Source: Daily Mail. The image shows several whales swimming in a swimming pool and a trainer in a wetsuit raising his hand towards one whale.)

Otter Vs Goldfish

A retired couple from England were shocked to find that all 27 of their goldfish had gone missing from their garden pond.

In order to catch the culprit, Elizabeth and Harry McDougal restocked their pond with 12 new goldfish. Mr McDougal covered the pond with a layer of resilient plastic netting and installed CCTV cameras to deter further attacks.

Although when the 12 new fish endured a similar fate, the couple checked their CCTV footage. The McDougal's were surprised to find an Otter checking into the pond and poking the netting to locate weak points, which enabled them to gobble up the goldfish swimming underneath once again.

But hey, perhaps the goldfish will 'otter-stand?' (Sorry)

You can check out the CCTV footage of the incident below.

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