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With over 400,000 burglaries taking place across the UK each year, In this article I'm going to give you 10 tried and tested tips on how to keep your home that little bit safer.

Ok I'm going to jump straight into it.

1. Lets start with the simple one but very important. Make sure your doors and windows are locked and take that key out! Many burglars are able to get your keys out from the lock from the outside using fishing techniques and don’t keep them in obvious places like under the doormat or plant pot outside. It’s a big no-no.

2. Lighting – I can't emphasize enough how good lighting is very effective. Burglars love to work under the cover of darkness. Throw a little light on their antics and more often than not watch them scarper. Outdoor sensor lights are very affordable and effective. You should also think about automated indoor lights. These days you can get lights that come on using a timer so even if you're not in, those lights turning on will make a snooping character think twice about whether the house is occupied or not.

3. Don’t make it obvious when you’re away. When the newspapers start piling up in the porch it’s a dead give away that the occupants are away. Don’t let some idiot ruin your holiday. Best to get someone you trust to come round once in a while to pick up your post and draw those curtains or even open them!

4. Avoid DIY Disasters - According to the Master Locksmith website, Aviva reported that 39% of people they asked admitted to trying to do a DIY security installation and failing and then calling a professional to do the job. Don’t waste money on DIY jobs and take your security seriously.

5. Get yourself a decent Alarm. Many House Alarms now can be connected to the internet so even if you’ve forgotten to and you’ve left the house you can still set it and unset it from anywhere in the world! This also is very helpful if a friend or a family member needs to enter your home after your away.

6. CCTV is a great deterrent. Nobody wants to get caught on camera because the chances of getting caught are much higher. The Police have a tough job finding burglars as it is and any evidence is very valuable and highly effective in helping to catch the culprits. It also helps you to identify what exactly happened and how it happened and insurance companies find it beneficial too when processing your claim.

7. Hide your valuables and whats better don’t keep them at home. Place them in a bank.

8. Invest in shed security. Have you thought about how you may be helping burglars by providing tools they can use to break into your home which they can access from your shed? Keep your shed and out-houses secure.

9. Get a safe – no you don’t need to be a drug baron or filthy rich to have a safe in the house. Fit a safe in the house for those sentimental valuable items you don’t want to go walkies.

10. Keep your home internet network safe by renaming and hiding your home network, using firewalls and creating strong passwords.

Ok one more just for good measure.....

11. Eliminate hiding places. We all love a good shrub and its very nice to go green but large shrubs do provide hiding places for unwanted guests.

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