A Member of the CCTV Focus team took part in the Peace Cycle for Palestine

Outrage towards the ongoing occupation of Palestine has regained attention from young people who are using social media to show their solidarity.

This year during Ramadan (May), the Palestinian crisis was widely reported on social media, as it seems the COVID-19 era has encouraged activists and supporters to take the virtual approach.

Several online platforms have been overflowing with educational resources and reliable charities calling for donations or volunteers. Alongside lengthy exposures on which conglomerates to boycott and the history of Palestine.

But this new wave of socially distanced activism has encouraged people to come forward with their experiences and stories in order to show their support.

Khurram Yaqoob, Managing Director at CCTV Focus took part in the Peace Cycle for Palestine almost 10 years ago.

The Peace Cycle was launched in 2004 by Laura Abraham in order to raise awareness on the Palestinian crisis and advocate for peace and justice.

Since its launch, the event has brought together volunteers from around the world who cycled to different countries before reaching their final destination of Palestine.

The cyclists have formed a legacy of spreading kindness and unity in every country they visit. The Peace Cycle even gained recognition from President (at the time) Yasser Arafat who hosted an official welcome for the team at the Ramallah Headquarters.

Although in 2009, when Khurram’s flatmate poked his head through the door to say he was taking part in the cycle to Palestine, Khurram said: “My initial reaction was to join him regardless of the cause, it just sounded awesome!

“The entire trip took 42 days. We crossed five different countries including France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Jordan and finally into Palestine.

“We stopped in over 40 cities where we spoke to local media regarding the ongoing issues that were happening and still happening in the region,” Khurram added.

When Khurram and his group arrived in Palestine they were surrounded by devastation and destruction.

Khurram explained: “The issue in Palestine is heartbreaking. We saw first-hand the illegal Israeli settlements being built on Palestinian land.

“The endless checkpoints that Palestinians have to endure on their own land is frustrating.

“The Israeli army would literally enter into Palestine and place roadblocks on major road networks.”

At CCTV Focus, we think it’s important to speak up about the causes we are passionate about. But we also want to ‘focus’ our narrative on making a positive impact. Head over to our Instagram where we have put together a list of reliable charities that are asking for donations or volunteers to support their ongoing work in Palestine.

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