CCTV Focus Installed a Surveillance System for Popular Youtube Star after Thugs Break-in

CCTV Focus has installed a surveillance system for YouTube star Mufti Abu Layth, after an angry mob broke into his home on May 17, accusing him of making anti-Palestine statements.

The video of the break-in, which has been widely circulated on Whatsapp, shows a masked gang waving the Palestinian flag hurling bricks through Mufti Abu Layth’s home in the early hours of the morning.

Mr Layth published a statement on Facebook that addressed the incident and the rising controversies regarding his comments from a YouTube video published eight months ago. In his Facebook statement, the homeowner claimed that ‘haters’ had distorted the video and misinterpreted his comment.

The Facebook post read: "Just had some masked up thugs break into my house smash the doors & windows. Yelling 'free Palestine' they barged in and rummaged the place. Terrorized my family."

(Image source: Facebook. Image Shows a screenshot of Mr Layth's Facebook statement.)

Following the forced entry, a member of the gang published a public apology and said: “We have also made a mistake and we are regretful for what we have done.”

The Police have the videos of the break-in and are treating the matter with urgency, a spokesperson from the West Midlands Police has said:

"We are investigating after a group of men attacked a house with weapons in Bucklands End Lane in Birmingham just before 11 pm last night (16 May).

"Windows were smashed and a car was damaged. The men entered the house but fortunately, no one was injured.

"The attack appears to be in response to original YouTube footage from August 2020.

"This was very distressing for the family, including two young children at the address, who have temporarily moved out of the property.

"We are conducting house to house enquiries as well as forensic and CCTV examination in the area.”

Promptly after the break-in, Mr Layth contacted CCTV Focus, and a team of our engineers installed a brand new surveillance system to secure his home.

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Image source: @CCCTVFOCUS Instagram page. Image shows Mr Layth talking about the break-in on his YouTube channel)

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