CCTV Footage: Caught in the Act

CCTV can be used to solve crimes, catch fugitives of the law and ensure the safety of employees and citizens. But sometimes the footage can also act as a good form of entertainment. For those of you who read our Blog Rooms (and insta posts that follow) will know that we love talking about people being caught on CCTV doing something dumb.

Especially now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted and the post-apocalyptic world seems to have given people an unprecedented amount of confidence.

This article mainly consists of people doing normal things in their day-to-day lives before being met with an unfortunate and brilliantly hilarious fate.

We’re back with another chicken story

A man being held at gunpoint whilst eating his chicken wings has gone viral.

The CCTV Footage shows a robber entering the chicken shop and aggressively waving a gun around at a man who is eating his chicken wings.

The man enjoying his food doesn’t waver once and even hands the robber his phone over his shoulder, whilst maintaining a tight grip on his beloved chicken wings.

After all that, the thief might consider taking some classes in the decorum of intimidation due to his failed attempt to scare the chicken shop customers.

You can watch the full video of the bizarre incident here

Guard Dog Caught taking a Nap on CCTV During Armed Raid

Over in Thailand, the Police visited a jewellery store to train staff on how to react if they were held at gunpoint and forced to give up the jewels.

The store’s residential guard dog was caught on CCTV sleeping in front of the shop counter as a fake armed robber enters and points a gun at the cashier and demands the money in the till.

Lucky, the guard dog, remains completely unfazed by the commotion leaving the cashier no other option but to hand over the money.

The CCTV Footage racked up to one million views on Facebook and viewers penned the entire ordeal as hilariously cute.

(Image shows a cashier in a jewellery store being held at gunpoint and a guard dog taking a nap by the side of the counter. Image source: Mirror)

World’s worst shoplifter caught on CCTV

A thief from Cornwall was caught on CCTV trying to steal a massive soundbar by hiding it down his trousers before sneaking out of the shop.

Chris Hemmerle, manager of HBH Wollacotts, in Bude Cornwall, said he found it amusing to watch and shared the footage online, as reported by Cornwall Live.

Chris said the robber: "certainly wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer," as the security guards managed to catch the thief before he made it out of the shop.

(Image shows a man with a soundbar in his trousers. Image source: Cornwall Live.)

There are smoke alarms involved in doing overtime

A lady was caught on CCTV leaving her office, which sounds innocent enough...

Well, the CCTV footage shows the employee setting off the security alarms as she walks down the stairs.

The office building seemed to have locked up without noticing that one of their employees was still working at their desk. Belle Cosgrove ended up setting off the smoke alarms when she tried to leave the office.

Belle found the footage hilarious and shared it with her followers on TikTok.

In the video, she said: “CCTV footage of me leaving work and setting off all the ‘smoke cloak’ security alarms.”

She added: I didn't even know they [smoke alarms] existed. This went off on every floor & I was stuck in the building for over an hour."

The video has more than 48,000 views, and people have found the poor woman being engulfed with smoke hilarious.

Image source: Belle Cosgrove TikTok page. Image shows a flight of stairs in an office building and a bubble of smoke surrounding a woman.)

Whilst CCTV can be used in court to solve crimes and security systems often have quite a serious reputation; there are times when surveillance cameras can be used as a source of entertainment.

We hope this article has made you laugh as well as outlining some of the perks of installing CCTV in your home and business.

We have a selection of packages listed on our website and expert advisors who can give you a free consultation about a security system of your choice.

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