CCTV Footage Caught Young Women being Spiked in Nightclubs

Nightclubs across England have used CCTV footage to catch a spate of young women being spiked during nights out across the UK.

The National Police Chiefs Council confirmed 198 spiking cases and a further 24 reports of spiking with a Rohypnol (roofie) or Gamma Hydroxybutyrate injection, which are known as date rape drugs.

Birmingham-based students from Aston and Birmingham University have also urged their favourite nightclubs to do more for their safety.

Popular nightclub PRYZM spoke to The Tab and said: “We will start providing anti-spiking bottle stoppers and protective drink covers as soon as we can get more stock in, and each bar will have drink testing kits available.”

A spokesperson for Snobs has said: "Snobs has an excellent CCTV system with over 60 cameras plus 6 body-worn cameras on site. This is hopefully a deterrent against crimes and can be a positive tool in uncovering perpetrators.”

Students Martha Williams and Milly Seaford launched a nationwide campaign called; ‘Girls Night In’ and they plan to boycott clubs and bars in 43 university towns including Durham and Southampton over the next fortnight.

Statistics from the meta-analysis indicate that CCTV has decreased crime by 13% in car parks, deprived areas and control rooms compared to areas without CCTV cameras installed.

Evidence highlights that drug-related crimes had decreased by 20% whilst vehicle and property crime has reduced by 13% with the help of CCTV systems. The review further suggested that most offenders worry about getting caught on CCTV when committing crimes.

Clubs are legally permitted to install surveillance cameras on their premises, Club & Institute Union (CIU), Legal Consultant Allyn Walton outlined the key rules nightclub owners must follow when installing CCTV.

Walton said: “CCTV is very useful when it comes to crime prevention/detection internally involving members of staff and externally (e.g. the car park); enhancing the safety and security of your members and even access control BUT use it for nothing else unless it's lawful and reasonable.”

(Image shows nightclub stairs. Image source: Weheartit)

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If you need additional advice or guidance on the spikings taking place then please visit these helplines for more information.

  1. NHS Information for patients and public

  2. NHS Sexual Assault helpline

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