CCTV Sucess Stories from the Second City

At CCTV Focus, we love receiving customer reviews, and in our team, no comment goes unnoticed or underappreciated.

We take pride in installing security systems that are right for your home or business, and over the years, we are lucky to have built a thoughtful and supportive community of customers.

So today, our team is taking a look at some of our favourite Birmingham-based success stories.

First up, we have Seesaw Opticians, based in Kings Heath, who turned to us after a spate of thefts on their property.

Adam from Seesaw said: “They are excellent with their service, CCTV Focus is top quality and best of all, really competitive with their prices.”

The store has a chill and ‘funky’ vibe, and we are pleased that one of our CCTV systems has contributed towards making the staff and customers safe at Seesaw.

(Video source: @ccctvfocuspage)

We have also worked with well-known property investor Saj Hussain, who gained popularity on social media for his educational videos about property development and investment.

Hussain said: “It’s not just equipment you’re buying, you’re buying into somebody who is going to take care of your peace of mind, and that’s what CCTV Focus was able to do for me.”

Recently, CCTV Focus installed CCTV for Lebanese and Moroccan restaurant, Al-Bader. Abdul, the restaurant manager, kept his excitement short, sweet and concise when asked to say a few words about us. Abdul said: “CCTV Focus is the best.”

You can check out the video reviews on our Facebook page.

(Video source: @cctvfocuspage)

Tips from us to Secure your Home

CCTV systems can be an asset to your home, and there are so many ways to keep your property safe. For example, installing a sound alarm system, securing your valuables in a bank, and of course, installing a CCTV System could help you secure your home.

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Feature image source: @cctvfocuspage. The image shows one of our clients, Adam standing outside the Seesaw Opticians store.

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