Do you Want to Catch Benny the Swift?

Picture this: your microwave has broken. After an hour of Mozart, the man the Panasonic emergency helpline has said someone will be available to fix the microwave in three to four weeks.

To add insult to injury, your house is burgled on Saturday night and the only thing they steal is the microwave.

When the Police turn up, one of their first questions will be: ‘do you have CCTV on this property?

But what’s your first question for the police? ‘Can you let the thieves know that the microwave is broken?’

Also might be worth adding that an engineer was supposed to come in three to four weeks.

It’s probably best to let the thieves know unless there’s a niche black market where broken microwaves are in high demand?

(Image Source: CCTV Focus Instagram page. Image shows a kitchen with Benny the Swift peering into the frame on the left-hand side.)

Goats caught on CCTV

Everyone knows the advantages of installing CCTV systems.Surveillance Cameras deter burglars and secure your home or business. But has anyone ever considered any other reasons?

You might need CCTV to figure out why your socks keep going missing from the washing line when it’s not even that windy.

A couple from Washington DC used their CCTV Camera to find out who stole their slippers from the front of the porch. The CCTV revealed that it was a sly fox who pinched the shoes.

A Reddit user from New York City admitted that his house is surrounded by CCTV Cameras.

He said: “One day, just all of a sudden, an entire herd of goats just randomly walked into the area where our tiny front yard is.

“They stood there and nobody came to get them. It was completely bizarre. My mailbox was eaten off the fence post. They were around for 20 minutes. I’ll never know why they were there.”

Alternatively, if you’ve been following our social media you’ll know Benny the Swift, the world’s worst thief. Benny’s heart is usually in the right place and so is the security camera that usually catches his antiques.

‘Masterminds’ like Benny the Swift could be behind the stolen socks and microwave, but have you ever wondered which technology is behind catching Benny red-handed?

(Image Source: Image shows a cartoon wearing a black and white top with a black face mask.)

Do you Want to Catch Benny the Swift?

CCTV Focus has a range of different security systems such as the 5 MegaPixel Colour Kit, which has a 2.8mm fixed lens with an efficient H.265+ compression. This security camera comes with real-time audio playback and 24/7 colour imaging. The system is also weatherproof and dust resistant.

In short, it’s perfect to spot those pesky microwave thieves.

Alternatively, the 2 MegaPixel Colour Kit is a handy security camera that has four in one signal: TVI, AHD CVI CVBS.

The kit is weatherproof and comes with a 2MP full-time colour camera and 24/7 full-time colour imaging.

We also have a 2MP colour kit that comes with real-time audio playback available on our website.

If any of these kits have caught your eye, give us a call on 0121 6951 199!. Our expert advisors will be able to explain the systems and answer any questions you may have. We’ll even throw in a free quote and consultation!

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