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Have you ever seen a fully grown man dressed in a chicken costume on the 7.43 am train to work?

It was before COVID-19, and the peak-time trains were full-to-overflowing with corporate costumes, take-away coffee and occasionally, a fully-grown man dressed as a chicken.

It’s anticlimactic to assume that the security officers watching the CCTV footage put his attire down to an occupational hazard.

He might be a mascot for a chicken shop, the hired entertainment for a children’s birthday party, or just really excited about Easter.

Security officers probably don’t flinch when they witness a crime scene taking place on one of the cameras. Mainly because they know the footage will be given to the police and used as evidence.

There is a high chance that security officers who spend their day monitoring CCTV cameras in shopping centres have seen the world from a dingy little office.

After a while, they might feel as though their day is incomplete if they didn’t spot a group of uni students wheeling one of their mates home in a Tesco’s shopping trolley after a night out.

But the common person, who might raise an eyebrow to a man dressed as a chicken, has framed a set of questions by now. At CCTV Focus, we’re the same, so if the opportunity arises, this is how our cross-examination with the chicken man would go:

Do you know you are on a peak-time train dressed as a chicken?

Do they not let you change at work?

Has this job improved your love life?

Have you heard of Adversarial fashion?

(Image source: CCTV Focus Editorial team. Image shows a list of questions our questions for the chicken man)

In 2019 Kate Rose, a hacker and fashion designer, launched a clothing line called Adversarial Fashion. Rose designed garments covered in license plates to trick Automatic License Plate Reader systems (ALPR).

ALPR is used to help track, detect or deter crime, but Rose realised that the camera’s often can’t tell the difference between real and fake plates.

The camera’s read the garments as real license plates because they appear on the databases. ALPR systems are always on and can collect more than one thousand plates per minute.

Although three years after Adversarial Fashion’s launch, the clothing line has been widely reported, many commentators have questioned whether the concept will catch on?

The clothing line aims to feed the systems with junk data, in the hope that they will become less effective at tracking people but more expensive to deploy.

Although, it might be recognised as the better option when given the choice between a chicken costume and a hoodie covered in license plates.

(Image source: Adversarial Fashion website. Image shows a male wearing the clothing line covered in licensed plates.)

Several statistics advocate for the installation of CCTV cameras because they act as a good deterrent for crime. The College of Policing’s Crime Reduction Toolkit indicates that CCTV cameras prevent an average of 16 crimes for every 100. Surveillance systems installed in car parks prevent 51 crimes for every 100.

Statistics from Visual Capitalists also show that London has 399 CCTV cameras per square kilometre.

China and India have the highest densities of CCTV surveillance cameras in urban areas.

India has become the world’s number one city in terms of surveillance with a whopping 657 cameras per square kilometre in Chennai.

Co-op insurance consulted 12 ex-cons and, almost all of the burglars said CCTV systems were the most effective deterrents for home burglaries and car theft.

Click here to take a look at the interactive map for more information.

Luckily, CCTV Focus provides a range of packages that ensure you feel safe on your property. You could ring one of our experienced advisers to find out more about the 4 MP ColorVu Fixed Turret Network Camera, DS-2CD237G1-L(U).

But here is the overview: the ColorVu camera provides 24/7 full-time colourful images (even at night) and an optional built-in mic, the camera has a 2.8, 4mm, 6mm fixed lens. The built-in Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) allows the camera to compensate for images taken in dark and light areas.

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Feature image shows a male wearing the clothing line covered in licensed plates. Image source: Adversarial Fashion website

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