Furry Friends Caught on CCTV Cameras

Have you ever wondered what animals get up to when they think we’re not looking?

Do they suddenly come alive like Woody and Co. from Toy Story or gain superpowers to save the world?

Well, in this story, we take a look into the lives of some furry friends who have been caught on CCTV and you can see the mischief for yourselves.

Husky vs Border Collie

In this first video, we are introduced to a slightly lazy Husky and an extremely energetic Border Collie.

The dogs are running an agility course, the Border Collie runs through the course with speed and precision whilst the Husky doesn’t seem to have the same sense of urgency.

The Border Collie completes the course in just 29.53 seconds and tops off his run with extra energy to jump into its owner's arms.

On the other hand, the Husky strolls through the course, leaving speed much to be desired, and finishes it in 76.32 seconds with 54 faults.

As funny as this video is, it’s fair to say that the Husky did not get the memo.

Video source: YouTube

The Pizza Thief

In this next video, we see a pizza delivery lady who rings the doorbell before leaving the food at the door. Then after some time, a cheeky dog makes an appearance on the CCTV footage. The dog tip-toes onto the porch and seems to be weighing up the pros and cons of stealing the pizza.

After some careful thought, the dog makes up his mind and pinches the pizza off the porch and makes a swift exit with the goods in his mouth.

Video source: YouTube

Meet this Small but Brave Dog

CCTV Footage almost caught a break-in.

In this video, we see a man trying to enter the home right before he is attacked by a pint-size dog with full-size determination and grit.

At first, we see a man walk up to the gate that leads to the stairs. It's fair to assume that the gate is used to stop the dog rather than potential thieves. But once the man gets the door open to walk up the stairs, the brave dog charges at the unassuming felon. The man quickly realises he’s messed with the wrong house and make a haste getaway.

Video source: YouTube

What Happened Next on Animal Sports Day?

In this final video, which is possibly CCTV Focus HQ’s favourite, we see a cat glide through the obstacle course, the cat takes a quick sniff of an item to assume safety. Then the callous cat wanders through the course without hitting a single obstacle.

As the course progresses, the obstacles get harder and harder, and we are introduced to three golden retrievers, who leap through and knock over everything in their path.

The dogs present seem to be confused about the obstacle course, especially the last dog who would rather wait for one of its owners to carry them over.

Video Source: YouTube

So there you have it, badly behaved animals caught on CCTV. Which one was your favourite, let us know in the comments below!

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Story written by Luke H.

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