Have we caught 'Banksy' on CCTV?

A Coventry-based graffiti artist has gained recognition after being caught on CCTV for painting the word ‘smile’ on various different buildings around the city.

The sporadic spray painter earned the name; ‘smile artist’ because of the recurring message in their designs.

The artist has been caught on CCTV multiple times, but the city still has no idea who their Btec Bansky is.

In the latest CCTV footage, the artist enters the screen, selects a spot to make his drawing and checks the area for witnesses. But the reel doesn’t reveal who the crafty culprit might be.

Although, the graffiti has been met with a divided opinion. Some people enjoy seeing positive messages in unexpected places such as the Wyken Working Men's Social Club building and more recently an optician’s on Ansty Road. But others think the graffiti is a form of vandalism and criminal damage.

(Image Source: Andrew Newis ( Image shows an illustration of a male spray-painting the words 'smile' onto a wall, whilst CCTV records them.)

It seems that CCTV might be able to flatten the air of mystery that arises with graffiti artists as surveillance systems capture and record their actions every time.

In South Bristol, CCTV cameras caught a graffiti artist who has named himself ‘Orbs’ spray painting a pristine wall. The artist was quickly described as ‘the most unskilled graffiti artist in the world,’ by people in Southville.

The local resident who captured the art show on his CCTV camera said: “The most I can possibly hope for is that someone knows them, gives them a good clip round the back of the head and tells them to stop being a t**t.

“It might even be a future deterrent if they realise they’re being filmed,” he added.

Not even Bansky himself is safe from the prying eyes of surveillance cameras. Reports from 2014 claim that he was captured on CCTV dressed as a workman in the early hours of the morning. The following day residents discovered a new Bansky called ‘mobile lovers’ on Clement Street, Bristol.

(Image Source: Banksy, 2014. Image shows a drawing of a male and female kissing whilst looking at their phones. Banksy called this artwork 'Mobile Lovers.')

In the past, CCTV cameras have played an integral part in catching vandals and solving crime. The owner of the CCTV footage with the crime scene could even become a local hero for catching the vandals on camera.

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Feature Image: Illustrated by Andrew Newis, illustrator, videographer and artist. Image shows an illustration of a male spray-painting the words 'smile' onto a wall, whilst CCTV records them.

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