I have tested positive for Corona panic

Well, can you believe what is happening right now? The entire world is in lockdown. Im having mixed emotions about this. My initial thought was well i'm going to do all I can to ensure business as usual. I was adamant that the show must go on as people will need security, maybe now more so than ever.

This defiance actually fizzled out pretty early on when it was clear that our operations would actually be detrimental to the health of our clients. Our perfectly fit and healthy engineers may not show any symptoms but thats not to say they may not contract it and pass it onto others not so lucky. I guess i'm joining the rest of the world and staying home and work life on hold.

The thought of 'quarantine' and 'isolation' musters up images of apocalyptic times. Is this the moment when things get crazy and the virus mutates and suddenly we have corona zombies trying to break into our homes to take a bite out of us and we too become 'infected!'

Plug-in Warning - Wouldn't you want to have surveillance to see them coming, so you can plan your escape - or your attack depending on which way your inclined.

There are however positives to this 'end of days' phenomenon. I get to spend a lot more time with the family. The business is still open but none of the team are out. We all work from our phones and thank God for VOIP (Voice over IP). We recently got our team VOIP handsets in the office so each member took theirs home to work remotely. Simply plug it into your router at home and wa-la, we are in constant communication throughout our working hours and the calls from our clients still get answered.

Its making me think. Do we really need offices, physical files, showrooms etc? Is this situation we find ourselves in forcing us to streamline our activities and make us even better business warriors and toning up our act? I'm actually looking forward to this period where I can spend time on my self development which in turn will progressively develop everything around me.

I pray that this ends soon and my thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones. My team has the utmost respect for the NHS staff and all key workers that are keeping the country going at present under extreme pressure.

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