Lancashire Borough plan to use mobile CCTV Cameras to Combat Fly-Tipping

West Lancashire Borough Council is set to deploy a series of mobile CCTV Cameras to combat fly-tipping and environmental damage across the area.

Fly-tippers illegally dump their rubbish in hotspots like quiet country lanes where no one is around to observe them dumping their waste.

The pandemic spiked an increase of fly-tippers across West Lancashire Borough, and to combat the ongoing problem of fly-tippers the Council plans to install mobile CCTV cameras in a series of hotspots. The CCTV cameras are going to be a huge investment by the council to effectively reduce the cost of clearing up fly-tipping incidents.

(Image source: Pixarbay. Image shows rubbish that has been dumped on a coastal line)

Portfolio holder for communities and community safety, Councillor Gareth Dowling, said: "The Council is committed to making West Lancashire a safer and cleaner place and that's why we have invested in mobile CCTV cameras to catch people who fly-tip and in staff to take people to court who think they can get away with illegally dumping rubbish across our Borough."

Many councillors, such as West Lancashire Cllr Kate Mitchell, believe that the mobile cameras will provide a cost-effective way to reduce fly-tipping and help find those who are responsible.

Portfolio holder for environmental services, Cllr Kevin Wilkie, added: "Our investment has also included a range of measures including new mechanical sweepers, additional apprentices and funding for additional litter bins.

"We live in a very beautiful borough, and the council are determined to keep it that way."

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