Meet the Cognito's

This Christmas Eve the CCTV Focus team have an exclusive story for our blog readers.

So grab a cup of festive hot chocolate and settle in to read the story about how a family of superheroes called The Cognito's save the town of Watchville.

Chapter One

The Simpleton’s are a young family from Cee Street who have recently fallen victim to a series of rather unfortunate robberies in their area.

The family have been left in financial devastation and they are looking to secure their home.

Luckily, The Cognito’s are a successful family of superheroes in Watchville and close friends with The Simpleton’s.

The superheroes are adept at working in all weather conditions and have Ulta HD vision that helps solve the crime.

Since the town won the battle against the Zombie King, the Terrorbytes have devoted their lives towards serving the people of Watctville.

And thanks to The Congito’s and their key features which include an array of perks such as:

  1. 50 metre LED distance

  2. 2.8mm Fixed Lens

  3. Built-in Mic

  4. Full-colour Starlight

Anyway, on Sunday evening, the Simpletons had planned for a great feast to celebrate Christmas whilst being blissfully unaware that the town's notoriously bad thief had just become their new neighbour.

Morris the Mugler, the infamous town criminal, was spending his Sunday afternoon wallowing about a parking fine.

Since the zombie apocalypse, Watchville had become equipped with CCTV cameras, which meant Morris’ driving escapades had been caught on the 8MP Cognito CCTV Camera.

And thanks to the 30M night vision lens, Morris' number plate was caught in high definition.

On the other hand, the Simpletons had no worries leaving their home to shop at the local Kortu-mart, especially after engineers at CCTV Focus installed a Hik-Vision ColourVu CCTV system in their home.

The camera includes the following features provided by CCTV Focus:

  • A 4 channel recorder box

  • 4x4k definition 8mp CCTV cameras

  • 2TB CCTV dedicated hard drive

  • Mobile phone access

  • The installation

  • day/night switch

  • Weather/dustproof

(Image shows a cartoon of The Simpleton family at their local supermarket. Image Source: CCTV Focus Team)

The Simpletons were getting the feast prepared like little hamsters running in their wheel, but little did they know that Morris was peering through their kitchen window.

Although Morris is quite the thief, he was nothing the HikVision ColourVu CCTV couldn't handle.

The HikVision ColourVu CCTV camera includes 8MP CCTV cameras in ultra-high definition, so despite his efforts, Morris was easily spotted.

Meanwhile, the Simpletons marvelled at the banquet they rustled up that came with a large turkey and a three-tiered chocolate cake for dessert.

The family couldn't wait to finally thank the Cognitos properly. But their gratitude made them blind to the unease the winter wind carried. Stay tuned for Chapter Two in the New Year...

The featured image shows a cartoon of The Simpleton family at their local supermarket. Image Source: CCTV Focus Team.

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Post and animation created by Maryam K.

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