Part Two: The Cognito's Family Dinner

Welcome back to our winter tale about Morris the Mugler, The Simpleton's and The Cognito's.

We left our characters preparing for a celebratory feast whilst Morris the Mugler was peering round the corner.

So grab a cup of tea, sit back and curl into the final Chapter of our tale.

Chapter Two:

Morris sat patiently watching the Simpletons layer on their winter gear to make their way to The Cognito's home.

Although Morris, unlike most thieves, was completely oblivious to the surveillance packages his neighbours had installed into their homes. But not all security cameras come in the expected shapes and sizes.

Dashboard Cameras are a nifty tool that help keep your car safe whilst you are driving and when your car is parked. It could even help spot pesky thieves like Morris lurking around your property and cars.

CCTV Focus’ product of the month is the 1080p HD Dashboard Camera. Its key features include:

  • Up to 1080p full HD camera, wide-field angle up to 135°

  • Support built-in MIC and speaker for audio in and out

  • Built-in WiFi module and WiFi AP function supported

  • Built-in G-Sensor module, support video recording linkage

  • SD card for video recording, up to 128GB (Overwriting supported )

  • Phone App: live view, record playback and parameter configuration

Anyway, before The Simpletons left their home to invite The Cognito's to their feast, the family added final touches to the dishes they had cooked up. The Simpletons then quickly put on their winter coats to leave the house before the meal got cold.

The empty house was Morris' perfect chance to break-in to the four bedroom semi-detatched home.

But quite frankly Morris’ plan was inevitably doomed from the start. We all know that Watchville is a very normal town and nothing out of the ordinary takes place. Especially since The Cognito’s moved to Cee Street and CCTV Cameras have been installed all over town.

The Simpletons home was under the town protection too, a major miscalculation on Morris’ part.

The Simpleton's and The Cognito's checked the CCTV footage and saw Morris the Mugler shoving the extravagant feast into his bag alongside several gadgets from the house.

And so the case came to an end rather quickly and with hardly any hassle. Almost too easily, Mr Cognito thought...

The use of CCTV cameras seemed to have made the entire ordeal pleasantly underwhelming as the thief was identified and the 10 missing items were quickly restored.

And just like that, our Winter Special Story comes to an end here, with Morris the Mugler behind bars and The Simpleton’s safe in their homes and forever thankful to the CCTV Cameras cleverly installed by Wachvilles very own CCTV Focus.

Check out our exclusive animation below:

Video source: CCTV Focus Team. Video shows an animation of the story listed above.

The featured image shows a cartoon of The Simpleton family at their local supermarket. Image Source: CCTV Focus Team

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Post and animation created by Maryam K.

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