People Share the Weirdest things they've seen on CCTV

Reddit. The cesspit covers a range of topics that often require you to be over 18 to view. But recently, a user posed the question:

“People, who watch security cameras for a living, what creepy things have you tried to forget?"

We’ve put together a list of some of the best responses from CCTV users and security guards.

1. The Blanket Fiend

"I live in a pretty big house. There are cameras everywhere, even in my room. Last night, my house was burglarized. I called the police, and we decided to watch the camera footage. I sleep very well and, my blanket always slips on the floor by the morning. I was so surprised when the thieves (there were 3 of them) decided to pick up my blanket and cover me with it. Just think about it! The people that stole my stuff wanted me to have a good sleep! Well... Thanks, I guess?"


(Image source: GIPHY. Image shows an animated potato with eyes sitting on a couch wrapped in a blanket whilst looking at their phone. The caption says couch-potato.)

2. Smile for the Camera

"I had security cameras installed on my property whilst we were living in South Africa.

"We had a monitor set up next to the bed. One night we heard something, so we turned on the monitor but saw nothing unusual. But my partner thought something was off about one of the cameras. She thought it seemed like one was facing a slightly different direction, so she started watching the recordings. We found footage of some dude prowling around on the property and adjusting our camera.

"The terrifying bit? The way his face looked beneath the balaclava."


(Image source: GIPHY. Image shows a small girl in a purple floral shirt giving a creepy looking smile)

3. The Unethical Boss?

"Not creepy but funny: we have security camera footage of one of my co-workers slipping and falling on his butt while operating a floor cleaning machine.

'The only thing that bothered me about it, is the manager on duty decided to text the video to everyone in the company. I thought that was a bit bad (and probably unethical in some way)."


(Image source: GIPHY. Image shows two women sending a message on their phone)

4. Nun Invasion?

"My first job out of college was doing electrical engineering and security system design for a big security company."

"One of the first assignments I had was assisting in writing a report about a security system for a nuclear storage facility we had designed that had been infiltrated by nuns (no joke). Basically, the facility got invaded by octogenarian nuns who started covering the nuclear storage facility in blood they had conveniently provided in water bottles. The footage was quite a few ways."


(Image source: GIPHY. Image shows three nuns dressed in blue)

5. There is always a Chicken

“Saw a chicken walk up the side of a tree at 2 am.”


(Image source: GIPHY. Image shows several animated chickens walking across the screen.)

Why is there always a chicken causing havoc?

Well, there you have it, the best (and worst) things people have spotted on CCTV, which one was your favourite?

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Feature image shows a security guard watching CCTV footage. Image courtesy of Andrew Newis.

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