The Story Behind Successful Business Woman Rana Nazir

According to ancient proverbs and hallmark movies, dreams are supposed to be sparkly and full of excitement.

Hollywood has taught us that the route to success consists of a couple of mild inconveniences and one song sequence where the main character cleans their apartment, eats an apple and starts reading a book on meditation.

But in reality, the route is messy. The path often involves setbacks, brief unemployment, difficult decisions, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, failure and heartbreak.

So with this in mind, why are there so many people chasing their dreams?

Successful businesswoman Rana Nazir would say it’s because ‘following your passion is important.’

Nazir has always been passionate about education, but to pursue her studies, she had to overcome the strident approach some members of the Desi community had towards educating young girls in the 80s.

At the time, some people would snigger as if a woman’s pursuit in education was an ancient proverb, commonly used as a cautionary tale. Although others were slightly more supportive, Rana said a lot of people encouraged her to study medicine because ‘it’s a good profession for girls.’

In spite of the obstacles in Rana’s path, she decided to pursue Science and Technology which was her first step towards breaking stereotypes, one Salwar Kameez at a time.

Nazir earned a degree in Mechanical and Electrical engineering and a Masters in Technology Management in Manufacturing Systems. Over the years Nazir has earned a respectable reputation in the water industry whilst advocating for diversity and women rights.

(Image source: Twitter. Image shows Rana Nazir smiling)

Throughout her career, Nazir has worked as a Consultant Engineer in Water Treatment and as a Customer Engineer Manager for several blue-chip corporations. She has also travelled all over the world building strong relationships with the Middle East and Europe.

Rana was featured in City AM’s Top 100 Powerful Women at number 18 in 2015 and also won the Future Faces in Industry at the Bham. She has always been an advocate for diversity and won a NOAW “Aspiring Women in Construction” for her contribution towards empowering POC in the workforce.

Not only has Rana broken glass ceilings that were cushioned with concrete, but she’s also given her voice to support the people who need it the most.

In 2005 she became the founder of British Kashmiri Women and then went on to earn the Global Peace Award at the House of Commons.

(Image source: Asian World News. Image shows Rana Nazir wearing a High Visibility jacket and helmet whilst pointing and smiling at a construction building.)

Whilst carving herself a seat at the table, Rana has always used her success to uplift the people around her. At CCTV Focus, Nazir is currently mentoring young people and providing them with the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

Nazir’s vision for her community has always been simple; educate, engage and empower.

Rana Nazir and her inspirational story are bold enough to inspire an army of girls being taught that marriage is their only purpose in life.

If your hands can hold a wedding ring, they are also powerful enough to hold a medal that amplifies your success.

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