Secure your Home during Spooky Season

Once upon a time in a small town on the outskirts of Birmingham, a series of mysterious events started to take place a week before Halloween.

In fairness, during this time of year, it is quite normal to look up and spot a floating pig balloon dressed up as Dracula tied to a garden gate. Also, most people have started to clear out real cobwebs on their porch so they can hang up their glitter-induced fake ones.


(GIF Source: GIPHY. Image shows a cartoon spider web and spider.)

Users on Twitter are convinced that Squid Game themed costumes are set to dictate this Halloween. Players 001 and 456 alongside, the red workers are going to be making regular appearances during the Halloween festivities.

It’s also a pretty good week for affordable high street shops that sell vegan-friendly fake blood and vampire teeth.


(GIF Source: Netflix. Image shows a clip from the show Squid Games.)

Luckily, we live in a day and age where expert CCTV installers are just a phone call away from securing your home with premium Security packages.

Why would you call anyone else when CCTV Focus is on tap?

What is the Best Surveillance Package to secure my Home during Spooky Season?

Security Lighting is an efficient and affordable option when you’re thinking about securing your home during the spooky season.

Security Lighting is a great security system during the winter months because lighting can help deter theft and property damage.

At CCTV Focus, we sell a wide range of high-quality security lights, such as the 30W LED PIR Sensor Floodlight.

This floodlight is sound for outdoor use and has up to 30,000 hours of life. Not only that but, it comes with a sensor, adjustable dusk-to-dawn and adjustable head.

(Image source: CCTV Focus. Image shows the 30W LED PIR Sensor Floodlight.)

Alternatively, the EZVIZ Wireless Floodlight and the built-in camera is another good option that is available on our website.

This premium floodlight comes with dual lights, a PIR Motion detector, night vision (up to 18 metres) and a two-way talk system. The EZVIZ Wireless Floodlight is also water and dust resilient and has1080p camera quality.

(Image: Instagram: @CCTVFOCUS. The image shows the EZVIZ Wireless Floodlight and its key features.)

Camera Systems perfect for this Winter

Security Cameras are considered to be a traditional mode of safety in this day and age. So here are some of our best CCTV packages perfect for winter.

The 5MP HikVision Camera is great for the winter months because the package is weatherproof which is perfect for the Christmas snow. This camera also has 24/7 colour and starlight that goes up to 20 metres.

(Image source: CCTV Focus. Image shows footage caught by the 5MP HikVision Camera system.)

This package comes with a Camera, Hard Drive Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Cable, Power Supply Unit, Male and Female Connections and a Junction Box.

Installation and labour are included in the price. One of our engineers will install the cameras for you and teach you how to use your new system.

Another high-quality camera package is the 2MP HiLook Camera Package. This weatherproof camera package has a day and night switch and 1080p resolution.

The 2MP HiLook Camera Package includes; a Camera, Hard Drive, DVR, Shotgun Cable, Power Supply Unit, Male and Female Connections and a Junction Box. The price also includes installation and labour costs.

(Image source: CCTV Focus. Image shows footage caught by the 2MP HiLook Camera Package. system.)

So there you have it! CCTV Focus’ spooky security recommendations. If any of these camera packages have caught your eye, please give us a call on 0121 695 1199.

Remember to adhere to Government COVID-19 guidelines during the festive period and stay safe.

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