Solar Powered CCTV Cameras are being used around the World

Solar Powered CCTV Cameras have made an appearance in well-heated locations like Dubai and India. This year the security cameras have also made their debut in Wales in the hope to stamp down anti-social behaviour.

Due to the increasing popularity of low-rise jeans and sustainability, CCTV Focus asked our expert advisors to give us the rundown on solar-powered CCTV Cameras and whether they really are the eco-friendly alternative?

(Image shows solar-powered CCTV Camera. Image source: Amazon)

Solar-powered security cameras use solar panels to get power without the aid of electric sources or cables. Solar-powered security cameras are sold in bundles that include a solar panel and a solar security camera with rechargeable batteries.

The sun-dependant CCTV Cameras are being used all around the world. In India, a tech-savvy physics lecturer called Bukya Veerabhadrea Rao, 45 has used solar-powered CCTV cameras to teach farmers how to protect their crops from the preying hands of monkeys.

Rao, who has always had an interest in organic farming, recently installed solar-powered CCTV Cameras to catch the movement of monkeys and other intruders on their smartphones.

The physics teacher has been teaching farmers from Wyra organic farming methods and the importance of using wireless technology to protect crops in rural areas.

Rao spoke to The Hindu and said: “I am trying to educate local farmers to adopt organic farming and harness the latest technologies to earn a sustainable income.

“The fruit crops should be grown in a natural way to protect the soil fertility, public health and the environment,” he added.

(Image shows Roa standing with his dragon fruit. Image source: The Hindu)

Over in Wales, solar-powered CCTV Cameras made their debut at a local park to combat anti-social behaviour.

Telford and Wrekin Council agreed to help fund the installation of CCTV in Norbroom Park, alongside the support of Newport Town Council and Councillor Peter Scott’s Pride Fund.

Councillors have been hoping to secure CCTV at the park after a series of Swastika graffiti and vandalism appeared at the site.

Cllr Peter Scott said: “The Solar CCTV Camera will be the first of its kind deployed in the borough.”

(Image shows: Norbroom Park, Newport. Image Source: Google)

What our Experts have to Say

CCTV Focus HQ sat down with one of our engineers who answered all of our Survielance enquiries.

Solar-powered CCTV cameras are easy to install, and they do not depend on the local power supply like most CCTV Cameras. The camera is controlled from the cloud, and they are environmentally friendly.

Although, the initial cost of the CCTV cameras can be more expensive than normal surveillance systems.

The cameras are ideal for rural areas, and they even collect solar energy on cloudy and rainy days, but the efficiency of the system can drop due to poor weather. The cameras can withstand rainy and foggy weather as long as there is sufficient sunlight available.

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