The Product of the Month: Ezviz Wireless Doorbell

Surveillance cameras can solve mild to severe crimes. Over the past decade, YouTube has become full-to-overflowing with compilations of people falling over caught on CCTV.

However, CCTV systems are very practical. In the past they’ve been created for practical reasons, for example, in 1942, German engineer Walter Bruch designed CCTV technology to monitor V-2 rockets.

In the 60s Marie Van Brittan, an African American nurse from New York created the first closed-circuit television security system and paved the way for modern home security systems.

The African American woman invented different types of CCTV cameras aimed to optimize home safety in her area.

(Image source: Timeline. Image shows: Marie Van Brittan Brown)

Product of the Month

This month CCTV Focus is talking about the Ezviz Wireless Doorbell!

Launched in 2019 the Ezviz wireless doorbell is a reliable piece of technology that can secure your home or business.

Ezviz wireless doorbell can record everything happening at your doorstep in 5MP resolution. The doorbell also comes with a video security kit of 5MP quality.

Not only that but this nifty device has PIR Human Motion Detection that can detect the difference between people, pets and objects at your door.

The doorbell also comes with 5-meter infrared night vision which can help towards achieving 24/7 peace of mind.

The wireless doorbell makes it easier for the property owner to keep track of who is at their door from their phone, even when you are not at home.

Moreover, the Ezviz Wireless Doorbell has a battery life of up to a whopping 4 months of footage (That's a whole 120 days!).

You can insert a microSD card up to 250GB into chime to save your recordings locally, without worrying about any data being lost even when the doorbell is damaged.

The battery type comes in Lithium-Ion, and the product dimensions are 28.3 x 19.2 x 9.1 cm; 360 Grams.

(Image source: CCTV Focus Instagram page. Image shows the Ezviz Wireless Doorbell)

What else is on the Market?

On the market, two wireless doorbells are fighting for the top spot.

American-based security provider, Ring is a subsidiary of Amazon and they sell a similar doorbell to the Ezviz wireless doorbell. Although there are a few differences, for example, the Ezviz doorbell comes with two storage options including using an SD card and cloud storage (with a monthly storage fee.) This allows the user to reuse the SD card multiple times.

Whereas, the Ring Wireless Doorbell offers cloud storage that also comes with a monthly fee.

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