This Simple trick can Secure your Home during Winter

(The simple trick is security lighting.)

Winter often means toddlers in your vicinity want to watch Frozen on repeat, Christmas is just around the corner, and nobody can believe how dark it is by 3 pm.

Suddenly the Facebook group of people who think driving in the dark should be illegal has resurfaced, and your nose is always cold.

Although, CCTV Focus has the perfect solution that could brighten up your 2021 winter.

Let us ask you one simple question: ‘have you ever thought about installing security lights at your home or business?”

Okay, okay, hear us out...

Security lights are often underestimated and overlooked when in reality, it’s a trusted tool that could help secure your home.

Honestly, why would a burglar set sights on a house/business/site that has security cameras and security lighting (which will help catch thieves in crystal clear quality.)

But don’t just take our word for it; here are four solid reasons why you should install security lights.

Winter is Coming

Now that we’re approaching the winter months, security lighting can help keep hidden areas well-lit and safe. A well-lit area is significantly less vulnerable and reduces the chances of a break-in.


(Image source: GIPHY. Image shows a cartoon image of Esla walking in a blue dress.)

Ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones

Security lights are a great investment for your home or business because they give you peace of mind. The lighting could deter potential intruders because they know they will be greeted with lights, highlighting their every move. And if you’re going to steal something the last thing you want is a light that draws attention to you.


Most security lights come with sensors that detect motion and only light up when somebody approaches your property, making them a very cost-effective deterrent.

Knock Knock

Remember the olden days when we would have to check who was at the door by opening it.

But now, security lights can do that for you!

They will light up your property when someone is approaching, and you can have a sneak peek out the window to see if it’s in your latest ASOS parcel or a mysterious looking intruder trying to break into your home.


(Image source GIPHY. Image shows cartoon knocking on a door)

Security Lighting at CCTV Focus

At CCTV Focus, we have a wide range of affordable security lights that are perfect for your home or business.

(Image source: CCTV Focus. Image shows the 30W LED PIR Sensor Floodlight after installation)

One of our most popular security lights is the 30W LED PIR Sensor Floodlight because it’s great quality and affordable (did we mention it’s only £39.00?!)

Here are some of the Floodlight’s key features:

  1. IP44: For Outdoor Use

  2. Up to 30,000 Hours Life

  3. Sensor

  4. Adjustable Dusk-to-Dawn

  5. Adjustable Head

If this system has caught your eye, drop us a call, and one of our expert advisors can give you a free consultation.

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