Why do Employers Install CCTV?

In Birmingham, there are more than 109,000 surveillance cameras. London, not to be outdone, has a boastful 500,000 CCTV cameras dotted around the city.

Surveillance cameras have become a staple part of society and we often see CCTV poking around on corner shops, street corners or even at work.

It’s no secret that most employers install CCTV onto their premises to ensure the safety and welfare of their staff.

This week CCTV Focus HQ has put together a guide of everything you need to know if you’re thinking about installing CCTV in your workplace.


(Image source GIPHY. Image shows a man spraypainting a CCTV camera)

Why do Employers Install CCTV?

Employers have a duty of care towards their employees, especially when they are in the workplace. UK legislation knows that companies have the right to use CCTV Cameras for legitimate interests.

Luckily for you, CCTV Focus has narrowed down what these legitimate interests might be:

  1. CCTV is commonly used in the workplace to ensure the safety of staff at all times.

  2. Security systems are a reliable way to protect your staff against assault or harassment in the workplace.

  3. CCTV also acts as an effective deterrent against vandalism and property theft. The footage could be used as evidence by the Police to solve the crime.

  4. Surveillance systems can deter potential criminals from gaining unauthorised access to your property. CCTV could discourage thieves because they know they are being recorded. Employees may feel more comfortable coming to work if they know security cameras are in place for their safety.

  5. Security cameras can lead to lower insurance costs and fraud deterrence.

  6. CCTV is used to improve workplace efficiency. The camera can identify how company resources are being used and whether changes need to be made to optimize the workplace.

CCTV and Employee Rights

Employers in the UK are well within their rights to use CCTV cameras in the office. But they still have to follow a couple of rules too.

The DPA and GDPR have a set of requirements that must be followed when using CCTV in the workplace:

  1. Employers should let staff know that CCTV is being operated, this is usually achieved through a sign that says: ‘smile you’re on CCTV’ or an email from HR.

  2. Footage must be deleted after it is no longer needed.

  3. Employers should ensure that staff know why CCTV is being used.

  4. The footage should be secured from theft accessible only by designated personnel.

(Image source: CCTV Focus. Image shows two CCTV Cameras and one recorder box)

CCTV Focus has the Perfect Security System for your Business

At CCTV Focus, we have a wide range of security systems ranging from CCTV, home alarms and security lighting.

Our Bronze Packages are ideal for home or small business usage. The packages are professionally installed by our skilled engineers and come with full HD 1080P footage.

Alternatively, our Silver Packages are popular amongst medium-sized businesses. This package comes with a 5MP recorder box that is connected to as many cameras as you need. This package is perfect for business owners who are looking for good quality footage at a reasonable price.

Finally, our Gold Packages are great for large businesses. The 4K 8MP footage provides good quality footage at an affordable price. Our skilled engineers install an 8MP recorder box in your home and connect it to as many cameras as you need.

All of our products come with a minimum two-year warranty and a 12-month workmanship guarantee.

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Feature image source: CCTV Focus. The image shows two CCTV Cameras and one recorder box

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