Women in Security

An African American woman paved the way for the CCTV systems we use today.

Often, when we think of technology or security professionals, we picture the characters from the IT crowd or a male-dominated office where even the workroom pet plant named Peeve goes by him/he pronouns.

As a result, the phrase, Women in Security, often finds itself misplaced at the start of a joke when in reality, women are far from it. Did you know that in 1966, an African American woman called Marie Van Brittan Brown invented the first modern home CCTV security system after a spate of robberies in her neighbourhood.

(Image source: Timeline. Image shows: Marie Van Brittan Brown)

Mrs Brown created a CCTV system hidden in a peephole, powered by a motor which moved up and down the door when she had visitors at her doorstep. She also developed a wireless radio that projected the recorded image of the visitors onto a television monitor. The inventor is also the mastermind behind the system that allows the resident to talk to the visitor through two-way microphones and remote control option to lock and unlock the front door from a safe distance. Mrs Brown filed a patent under the title: “Home Security Utilizing Television Surveillance,” which she received in 1969.

(Image source Timeline. Image shows the design of Mrs Brown’s original home security system. (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office)

Modern CCTV Focused Inventions

Mrs Brown’s invention paved the way for home and commercial CCTV systems. A great example of a modern 2019 model is the; 2 million pixels (MP) ColorVu Fixed Turret Camera, which is available to purchase on our website. The 2MP ColorVu Fixed Turret Camera comes with features like full-time colour during the day and night.

The system has 3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), used for shooting at night or in dusky lit places. The software can reduce colour mixture errors and, the camera lens is available in 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm fixed focal lens (which means the lens does not zoom.) The 2MP ColorVu Fixed Turret Camera is known for its high resolution and come in 1920 x 1080P.

The 2019 model is also dust and water-resistant that could be perfect for domestic or commercial use. If you are interested in the 2MP ColorVu Fixed Turret Camera, get in touch with us.

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