You Should Buy A Dash Cam For These Reasons

On the road, there are a lot of things we should do to make sure we're safe. For example, we adjust our mirrors for clear visibility, wear a seatbelt, and never use our phones when driving.

Drivers take action to protect their cars from damage or theft by parking in a safe location, locking the doors, and closing the windows when they leave their vehicles.

In recent years the Dash Cam has become an increasingly popular tool to look after your car. In this article, we will highlight some of the benefits of using a Dash Cam.

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What is a Dash Cam?

A Dash Cam is a small device that you can put in your car to protect your vehicle on the road whilst you're driving or parked. Many Dash Cams have features that are useful for drivers such as a G-sensor, which detects impacts and vibrations, and good quality video recording so the camera can capture footage in detail.

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What are the advantages of having a Dash Cam?

CCTV Focus has put together five reasons why you should consider getting a Dash Cam

Car Accident Evidence

If you are ever involved in an accident, a Dash Cam is one of the best tools you can have.

It records the incident, so you will always have the evidence you need.

(Image Source: Istockphoto Image shows a blue and a red car colliding head-on. Drivers stand in front of the cars and point fingers at one another to blame each other for the accident)

If there is a court trial, the footage captured by your Dash Cam can be used to show that the car crash was not your fault. If you do not have a Dash Cam, the other driver may blame you for the accident.

Improve Your Driving

There are always ways to improve your driving skills. A Dash Cam can give you an idea of what you’re doing when you’re on the road and help you look for ways to become a better driver.

Sometimes, recorded footage shows you things that you may not have noticed in real-time. For example, reviewing footage from your Dash Cam can ensure you are driving safely which may lower your chances of getting into a car accident.

Keep Track of Your Car When Parked

Drivers with a Dash Cam may find themselves worrying less about their car whilst it's parked. Many Dash Cams have an app that you can use to monitor your car from your smartphone. This way, you'll have peace of mind and see if someone is attempting to vandalise, damage, or break into your car.

In April 2021 The Romsey Advertiser reported a group of vandals who destroyed the wing mirror of a car that was parked. Fortunately, the owner of the vehicle had a Dash Cam that captured the crime on video.

A Dash Cam can also be used to catch parking accidents, so you can determine who is responsible if your car is dented or scratched.

Dispute Fines and Penalties

Getting a road or parking fine can be frustrating, especially if you think you don’t deserve one. You can send the footage from your Dash Cam to the appropriate authority to dispute the penalty and prove that you were wrongly fined. If your video shows that the penalty was incorrectly issued, you can appeal it.

(Image Source: Istockphoto Image shows a fixed penalty notice on the windscreen of a car)

A fine may be a fixed penalty notice, a penalty charge notice, or a parking charge notice.

You Can Capture Incredible Moments

Occasionally, Dash Cams can capture some footage that is truly breath-taking. Dash Cams record continuously while you drive so the device can catch rare moments that are usually gone in a matter of seconds.

Many viral videos are recorded on a Dash Cam, like in this screenshot.

(Image Source: Artur Alves via YouTube/Screenshot Image shows Dash Cam footage of a meteor that exploded in the sky and shocked the world in 2013. According to scientists, the meteor that fell in Russia is over 4.5 billion years old and measures roughly 17 meters in diameter.)

Dash Cams are perfect for ensuring you are safe on the road as well as getting evidence for anything that happens in and around your vehicle whether it’s a car accident or an event that happens only once in a lifetime.

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Written by Mohamed Ahmed

Edited by Shivani

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